Fitterpiper Entertainment creates, develops, and produces film, television, and digital media, along with maintaining a solid production-for-hire capability through our access to a roster of experienced production professionals. 

Fitterpiper is led by Andre Gower, a 35+ year industry veteran who grew up working every part of the set on both sides of the camera. His three decades of intimate industry experience allow Andre to bring a unique perspective and approach to the creative process, deal development, and logistics of entertainment.

We have access to elite industry professionals in special/visual/make-up fx, music, locations/facilities, and post production, as well as studio/network executives. We can also help with conceptualization/treatment expansion, pitch decks, and event creation/management surrounding a project release or campaign.

From genre to high-concept, we gravitate towards young independent filmmakers, new concepts from industry veterans, experimental/innovative digital concepts, and short films. 

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